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4 recommendations for preventive maintenance to protect your engine

4 recommendations for preventive maintenance to protect your engine

If the engine of your automobile isn’t running smoothly, you can be sure that you won’t be driving anytime soon. The engine is like the beating heart of your vehicle. By keeping your engine in good condition, you can avoid cutting out at intersections and overheating while driving. Poor engine performance poses a significant risk to the safety of everyone within your car. 

The engine is actually made up of a number of smaller pieces that work together to generate and distribute energy throughout your car, despite the fact that it appears to be one enormous automotive component. Glenn’s Auto Repair suggests periodic engine maintenance to keep your automobile from developing problems down the road and costing you money. 

1. Keeping it Clean: 

Your car’s engine does a variety of duties. Your car wouldn’t drive very far without its engine, so it’s critical to keep it free of debris, dust, and dirt. With time, filters can become clogged, leaves and debris can blow under the hood, and insects can enter your automobile. Grease in your engine can absorb heat, which makes it more difficult for it to effectively cool down. 

If required, your mechanic will use or advise a degreaser to completely clean the exterior of your engine. A vacuum tool can be used to remove the dust and dirt from the area surrounding the case. Fortunately, the layout of your engine keeps much of the trash that enters your car away from the components of your engine that actually work. But if you hear or smell anything odd coming from your engine area, call your repair right away. 

2. Spark Plug Service: 

To keep junk out of the combustion chamber, your spark plug should be cleaned on a regular basis. These procedures will be carried out by your mechanic by removing the plug lead, cleaning the vicinity, removing the plug, and using a particular cleaner and brush to get rid of any buildup, dirt, or dust. The performance of the engine as a whole is significantly impacted by this very unimportant duty. 

If you like to be more ‘hands on’ with your vehicle, please browse our extensive library of manuals for your make and model: Repair Manuals

4 recommendations for preventive maintenance to protect your engine

4 recommendations for preventive maintenance to protect your engine

3. Appropriate Lubrication: 

An engine has a lot of moving parts, therefore it’s important to always keep it properly lubricated. Otherwise, the object will start to rub and grind due to the friction created by all of these moving pieces. Occasionally, this damage is irreversible, requiring the replacement of one or more parts before your engine can function properly once again. 

Your mechanic will ensure that your crankshaft, piston rings, and cylinder walls are all properly lubricated to reduce friction and protect your automobile from damage. In order to ensure that everything fits together correctly for a smooth ride, your mechanic should also check seals in particular engine components immediately. 

4. Oil Change: 

Despite being a simple procedure, many people postpone getting an oil change until it’s too late. An oil change can significantly enhance the performance of your car’s engine as well as its overall operation. If your engine’s oil becomes over time cloudy, muddy, or sticky, your engine won’t gain as much from its lubricating system. You should check and change your oil once every six months or 10,000 miles to keep your car in top condition and to ensure that your engine is getting the most out of the oil it uses. Not sure if it’s time to replace your oil? Call Glenn’s Auto Repair right soon to get an oil check! 

The best thing to do if you notice an issue with your engine is to make an appointment with your mechanic. The longer an engine problem goes unfixed, the more harm it will begin to do. It may now be necessary to replace a number of different parts and components for what should have been a simple remedy. 

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