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Car Maintenance Ideas

Car Maintenance Ideas

Over the past few decades, cars have evolved and transformed in a true sense. Today’s vehicles are much more refined and technologically advanced, making maintenance more manageable. Gone are the days of carbureted engines, hydraulic steering, and fluid-based suspensions. Every component in the latest cars is now electrical, and according to the latest statistics, an average car can traverse 200,000 miles without breaking down, just with essential maintenance.

You must take care of your car and regularly keep a check on it so that it lasts maximum miles while keeping its value. These simple car maintenance ideas will keep your vehicle in mint condition;

1- Know your vehicle

You can’t look after your car if you do not understand it. Apart from reading the online articles, thoroughly review your car’s owner’s manual to learn about the maintenance schedule, checkup and replacement of essential components, lubricant types and grades, warning signs on cluster gauges, and proper usage of the vehicle.

2- Check the Engine oil

The engine oil keeps the car’s powerhouse in running condition, lubricates all the engine parts, and enhances life by reducing friction. You must check the engine oil level, color, and viscosity every 15 days.

Park your car at a level spot and inspect the engine oil level on the dipstick. Feel the thickness and observe the color. In case the level is low or the color has turned dark, immediately take it to your dealership to get inspected for excessive consumption or leakage.

3- Check Tire Pressure and Treads

Keeping an ideal tire pressure is essential for various things, such as proper traction on the road, ride quality and suspension, and fuel economy. Get yourself a portable tire pressure gauge and measure it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines every week and before long journeys. Keeping a tire inflator kit and repairing fluid in your trunk for a rainy day is also advisable.

Checking the treads tells you if the tires are worn-out or not. Old and worn-out tires are dangerous as they can get flat and lose traction quickly. Immediately replace your tires if indicated.

4- inspect Filters and Fluids

Regularly check your car’s air and cabin filters for damage or excessive debris. It is advisable to change them every 10,000 miles. You must replace your engine’s oil filter.

You will want to regularly inspect vital fluids like radiator coolant, battery, brake, and windshield washer fluid. The coolant level should be checked, optimized, and replaced every 35,000 miles.

5- Check the Brakes

Regularly check the brake pads, rotors, and discs for damage or wear to avoid any severe emergency or damage. It’s essential to have your brake pads serviced every 5,000.

6- Detailing

Regularly get your car detailed or do it yourself, besides routine wash and wax. Wash the undercarriage and suspension areas, detail the engine bay and clean the trunk properly. Properly clean your car’s interior and eliminate all the swirls, marks, and debris.

7- Miscellaneous

  1. Ensure tire rotation regularly, along with wheel balancing and alignment.
  2. Check all the switches, like power windows, air-con, wipers, and steering wheel controls.
  3. Get the nuts and bolts tightened with a torque wrench.
  4. Replace windshield wiper blades regularly.
  5. Never skip the scheduled maintenance. Use a smartphone app or keep a logbook.