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How to Repair a BMW Door Lock Actuator

Do you have any issues with your BMW door lock actuator? It is the most frustrating when you are in a hurry and unable to unlock your door lock actuator. Sometimes we think of properly locking the car doors to keep others out. But what it doesn’t allow you to get inside, especially when you are out of time to reach somewhere?

First, you must calm down and understand the primary reasons behind the faulty BMW door lock actuator. There are different reasons behind the failed door locks.

The BMW is one of the most expensive cars, but remember that every vehicle or automobile comes with some quirks. It’s better to accept the fact on time and then work according to it.

Now, if your BMW with premium quality also has issues with the door lock actuator or faulty door locks, you need to act appropriately. You may call for a professional mechanic to fix the problem, but it’s better to troubleshoot the issue and find its reasons.

Here we will give you the proper guide on how you can troubleshoot the BMW door lock actuator along with its potential solutions.

So let’s dive into it.

What is a door lock actuator?

Previously the cars came with manual door locks, but now it is a part of the past. The latest BMW cars come with automatic power locks and operate with automatic keys. The technology changes the dimensions of the world, and these automatic door locks are called the door lock actuators.

These door lock actuators electronically control the device in your car. These devices in your car are responsible for unlocking your vehicle’s doors. It comes with a reversible motor, or some cars have a solenoid motor.

The door lock actuator has a small motor that locks the gears. It is just like the key inside the door and unlocking the door by pressing a button on the key. It is a way to make BMW cars more secure and safe for customers.

The door lock actuator primarily aims to eliminate the manual lock system in vehicles. Now you can automatically open your BMW door with a press of a button on your car key. The door lock actuator sometimes has issues that block the doors and don’t open manually or automatically.

A step-by-step guide to troubleshooting the BMW door lock actuator

BMW has power doors more likely to malfunction than other electronic components. The common issues in BMW door lock actuators are broken wires, corrosion, damage, and blown fuses.

It is always wise to find out why your BMW door lock actuator is not working correctly. When you know the signs and symptoms, you can quickly determine the reason for the failure of the door lock actuator.

The best way to find the reason for the failure of the door lock actuator is to troubleshoot the issues. It helps you find the actual cause and proceed with the repair process.

Lubrication and cleaning

It is the first step in troubleshooting the faulty door lock actuator of BMW. When your door lock actuator is not working correctly, it has several reasons like malfunctioning, wires disruption, and lack of lubricants. The lack of lubricants in the mechanism will lead them to jam and don’t work correctly. So if your doors look fine and have no structural damage, try to lubricate the door locks actuators.

Sometimes the door locks actuators work fine but have some intermediate issues. It is also due to the lack of lubricant and friction among the gears. The friction is also due to the dirt and accumulation of foreign substances.

So you first need to disassemble the door lock and clean it properly with lubricant application. You can also get dry lubricants in the market compared to oil-based ones. There is no harm in using the oil-based lubricants for the BMW door locks actuator, but it can accumulate dust and dirt quickly.

Check the switches

The BMW’s latest models have two switches for controlling the door locks. Check its switches if you cannot open the door lock actuators. Ensure to check both switches, and if one is working fine, there is no potential issue with the door locks actuator. Now that one switch is not working, and the other is fine, you need to call the repair for the switch or replace it with a new one.

Key battery

The modern models of BMW cars come with two switches. These switches operate the automatic door lock actuators. According to the driver’s feasibility, the one switch is in the dashboard or the door panel. At the same time, the other door lock switch is in the car key. If your dashboard switch works fine for opening or closing the door lock actuator, then the issue is in your BMW car key. Usually, the car keys lack battery power that doesn’t allow the switch to work correctly when opening the doors of a BMW.

However, if you change the battery of your BMW car key and still have the same issue, then you need to replace the key. You can get the new BMW key for your car or repair it from professional mechanics.

Wire repairs

The door lock actuator has the primary power supply that connects with wires. The prominent disruption with the power supply is due to the wire being damaged. It will block the door lock actuator and doesn’t allow the doors to open through key or dashboard switches. Keep in mind that if any part of the vehicle is not working, then it causes the whole system to stop.

The door panels need to be repaired and opened to find the pinpoint. Ensure to isolate the door lock actuator for pointing the broken connection of wires. If there is a significant issue, you must replace the wiring. Whereas if there is a minor issue, you can repair it and check if it’s working before reassembling the system.

The common issues of BMW door lock actuator

Common issues in BMW door lock actuators make you suffer in an emergency. Here, we will share some common problems that lock the BMW door lock actuators.

Broken connections

The door lock actuators usually fail due to broken connections in the BMW car door latch. The faulty connection in the door lock actuator caused the lock to be stuck and didn’t allow the gates to open. If you fail to open the BMW door lock with a key button, try to open it through the manual key. You need to change the faulty connections and assemble them correctly.

Rust, grime, and jamming

Rusting the door lock actuator is one of the primary and common issues in automatic cars. It stopped the BMW car doors from opening or closing. The rust and dirt started building in the whole assembly line, and didn’t have any visible signs outside the door. However, ultimately it will jam the door lock and not allow the actuator to work correctly. So you need to check the door lock assembly properly and lubricate it at the moment to open the BMW door lock actuator.

Structural problems

It is also common for BMW or other automatic door lock vehicles to start showing the issues with the door opening and closing. When a car collides with something or comes into an accident, it has some internal parts damage, including the door lock actuators. Therefore it is essential to check the door lock actuator during the services after having an accident. Ensure that all the dented parts work correctly and don’t have any structural damage.

Workshop repair manual

Now, if you ran all the troubleshooting processes and didn’t find the solution, then you need to call for the professionals. The BMW workshop repair manual is an excellent help in finding the solution for repairing or finding issues in door lock actuators.

As we already said, there are some issues you didn’t get through the troubleshooting process. So the workshop repair manual helps bring professional support.

The BMW workshop repair manual has expert guidelines and professional ways to repair the door lock actuators. Some severe damage could cause the issues if the common person didn’t find it. You need to get the BMW workshop repair manual and find your expert help.

The BMW is a high-end vehicle along with complex manufacturing. So it also has complex malfunctioning that needs the expert guide for finding solutions and repair.

The BMW workshop repair manual helps with the complex manufacturing of BMW door lock actuators. The trained mechanics of the workshop repair manual know everything about the ins and outs of BMW  door lock actuators. It helps save your door lock issues and identify potential problems from minor symptoms.

With the BMW workshop repair manual, you can rest assured about the proper functionality of your BMW door locks actuators. It will also cut the additional cost of repair by hiring experts.

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