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How To Repair Mercedes Ignition Switch

Do you face issues with your Mercedes ignition switch? The ignition switch is one of the primary components in every vehicle or electronic component. You can find the ignition switch on every car on the road, including the Mercedes, as a significant part.

The ignition switch and ignition lock cylinder work together to turn on the Mercedes to hit the road. However, every vehicle system and model of Mercedes has different locations for the ignition switch and key to turn it on. The primary purpose of Mercedes ignition switches is to turn on the electrical accessories of vehicles and spread the power throughout the system.

However, if your ignition switch is not working correctly, it might be the most significant trouble. Everyone needs the ignition switch while starting the Mercedes. So the faulty ignition switch can cause the problem.

Therefore here, we will share the common signs or symptoms of faulty ignition switches and how you can troubleshoot them for repair.

So let’s dive into it.

Common signs with faulty Mercedes Ignition switch

First, you need to know the common signs for getting an alert about a faulty Mercedes ignition switch. If you know the minor signs before the destruction of the ignition switch, then you can save yourself from a significant problem.

So the common signs with faulty Mercedes ignition switches include:

Mercedes stalls during driving

The first symptom will alert you to repair the ignition switch. When you start the car, it will not show signs and stir properly. But when you drive the vehicle, it will begin to stall. So if the ignition switch fails during the engine’s operating time, it may cut the power to fuel systems, which can cause the stalling engine. However, you may also experience a sudden stop of care, but it depends on the issue with your Mercedes ignition switch.


The engine doesn’t get power or start

The engine refusing to start is a common sign that you have a faulty ignition switch. Remember that the ignition switch sends power to all the electrical appliances, including the engine. It controls the engine and all other devices. However, when the system doesn’t receive the power signal, the machine also doesn’t work. It clearly shows that your Mercedes ignition switch is malfunctioning and has significant issues.

Car stalls suddenly after starting

It is another significant sign of faulty ignition switches in your Mercedes. Your car starts and gets the power but suddenly starts to stall. For example, when your ignition switch is at the ON position and gives strength to fuel and engine, then your ignition switch is also working but suddenly stalls due to some fault. It means that the ignition switch provides power momentarily to the system and then returns to its cranking position. However, if you fail to start the vehicle even after keeping the ignition switch at the ON position, it has a system cut from the fuel and ignition system.


Trouble powering the accessories

As we already know, the vehicle accessories get power through the ignition switch. So if you have a faulty ignition switch, it also causes trouble in powering the accessories. When you insert the key in the ignition switch to turn on vehicle accessories like lights, center console, and many others, it fails to supply enough power. These minor symptoms can also cause wiring issues and fuse issues. Therefore it is essential to diagnose your Mercedes before hitting the road thoroughly.

Trouble removing the key

You may also experience a stuck key in your lock. Right? The ignition switch with the key also has a similar mechanism. When you insert the key inside the ignition switch, it will not connect properly and get stuck as an additional issue. It is one of the severe issues as if you successfully remove the car, but the key and switch fail to connect the next time, your Mercedes engine will keep running.

How to troubleshoot the Mercedes ignition switch

Powering the electrical switches, engine, and other accessories is essential.

Therefore it is essential to know how to troubleshoot the Mercedes ignition switch and realize the primary issue for repairing it.

The Mercedes ignition switch can become faulty due to some user errors. So you need to check the common reasons behind the defective ignition, including:

  •         Low battery voltage
  •         Connecting jump-starting cables
  •         Power surge due

These are the three common reasons that can cause the damaging to Mercedes ignition switches. Whenever you have a faulty Mercedes ignition switch, you need to check for these causes.

If your vehicle has low voltage, you need to check the battery for its voltage capacity. Sometimes you need to recharge your car’s battery to deliver power to all appliances while rotating the key in the ignition switch.

Ensure that you scan the power supply cables that directly connect with the ignition switch if all the wires are working correctly but fail to deliver the power to the engine. So the fault is in your ignition switch. Sometimes the repair is better for working the ignition switch.

However, if the troubleshooting is not working fine with you and didn’t have a significant response from repair, then it’s better to replace your Mercedes ignition switch.


How to repair the Mercedes ignition switch with troubleshooting (step-by-step guide)

You can follow these steps and improve your Mercedes ignition switch if you have a defective key for starting your vehicle.

Step 1

Every vehicle has varied symptoms of faulty ignition switches. Some of us also have spare keys that you can try instead of faulty ones for starting your Mercedes ignition switch. However, you can make a new key for your Mercedes ignition switch.

Step 2

The second step is to scan your Mercedes ignition switch for incorrect codes. You can get the Start Diagnostic Scanner to scan the faulty codes of your ignition switch. However, you can use alternative ways if you don’t have a scanner device. Remember that if you fail to start the Mercedes, you can also not power the OBD2 port of your Mercedes. Now it is also a lucky step that you find the incorrect codes in your targeted scanning points.


Step 3

If you fail to run the simple repair of your Mercedes ignition switch, take your car to dealers or technicians. They have the better knowledge to find the culprit part in your Mercedes.

It may cause you more cost than repairing the ignition switch, but it gives long-run results. Remember that you can not replace the ignition switch in your Mercedes only. You must also swap some other components directly connecting with the ignition switch.

Some third-party companies also give the cheapest ways to replace the Mercedes ignition switch. You can get the repair of your Mercedes ignition switch from them or replace it with a new one.

Mercedes workshop repair manual

Even after troubleshooting the ignition switch, the Mercedes workshop repair manual is an excellent help if you face an issue. You can deal with specific problems independently unless you have an expert guide. Similarly, the Mercedes comes with complex manufacturing and malfunctions or faults. It would help to get an expert guide for dealing with these complex issues.

The Mercedes workshop repair manual is an excellent help for dealing with all the issues. It gives a step-by-step guide with detailed pictures to deal with the problems of your Mercedes ignition switch. You can follow the expert guidelines and work like a professional to repair your Mercedes ignition switch.

Now ensure that you get your Mercedes workshop repair manual and find out how to repair the faulty Mercedes ignition switch without any third-party help.