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Citroen Xsara Workshop Repair Manual Download

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Citroen Xsara Workshop Repair Manual Download dealers use this official factory manual in their repair garages.

Models: Citroen Xsara Workshop Repair Manual Download
Languages: English
Covers years: 1997 to 2006

The Citroen Xsara Workshop Repair Manual Download Workshop Repair And Service Manual is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10,11, Mac and Linux.

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Workshop Service Repair Manual Citroen Xsara

Workshop Repair and Service Manual Citroen Xsara

Years: 1997 to 2006


2.0 i 16v 180
2.0 i 16v 135
2.0 HDi 90
1.9 TD (XUD9TE)
1.9 TD (XUD9SD)
1.9 D (XUD9BSD)
1.9 D (XUD9)
1.9 D (DW8)
1.8 i 8v 92
1.8 i 8v 103
1.8 i 16v 112
1.8 D
1.6 i 90
1.5 D
1.4i 75 (TU3JP)

Xsara II
2.0 i 16v 138
2.0 HDi 90
2.0 HDi 110 (DW10ATED)
1.9 D 71 (DW8B)
1.6 i 16v 110 (TU5JP4)
1.4i 75 (TU3JP)
1.4 HDi 90
1.4 HDi 70

Xsara Picasso
2.0 i 16v 138
2.0 HDi 90
1.8 i 16v 117
1.6 i 90
1.6 i 16v 110 (TU5JP4)
1.6 i 100
1.6 HDi 92 (DV6ATED4)
1.6 HDi 110 particle emission filter (DV6TED4)
1.6 HDi 110

Citroen Xsara dealers use this official factory manual in their repair garages worldwide.

This workshop manual contains search features centred on transmission code, VIN number, and engine code, which helps you locate the workshop, service or repair manual data for your particular vehicle.

This Manual is intended to aid you with vehicle maintenance tasks and provides you with everything you need to know to keep your vehicle fully road-worthy.

The Citroen Xsara Workshop Manual includes comprehensive instructions, electrical and mechanical faults, wiring diagrams, technical modifications, technical bulletins, service guides and more.

Contained within this Manual are technical solutions to various problems concerning:

Mechanical Information

General Vehicle Maintenance
Fluid Levels & Grades
Re-setting of Service Light Indicators
Specific Torque Settings
Fault Code Diagnostics
Service intervals
Plus More…

This is the perfect Workshop Manual for your collection. It was expressly created to aid service repairers, garage owners, parts advisers, MOT testers, DIY enthusiasts and collectors.

Straightforward installation (follow the instructions), easy-to-read and printable. Works with Linux and Windows PC Operating systems.

PLEASE NOTE: This Manual is 19GB

This product will function in a virtual Windows version with the VMWare Player (free). Works on all versions

Complete directions are included.

Topics Consist of: Transmission, Engine inc Overhaul, Steering, Suspension, Electrics, Brakes, Wiring Diagrams, Fixtures & Fittings, Inspections, Exhaust Maintenance, Vehicle Notes, Service Intervals, Bodywork & Panels, Plus More…

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