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7 Reasons Why It’s Important To Get An Oil Change

7 Reasons Why It’s Important To Get An Oil Change

The regular replacement of an engine’s oil is one of the most crucial components of car maintenance. A complicated piece of machinery with thousands of moving parts, your car engine. The oil keeps them lubricated and stops the critical parts of your car from breaking down. 

However, when dirt, dust, and other debris gather inside the oil over time, the oil will eventually get soiled. Because it doesn’t do its job well and may increase the chance of future expensive repairs, dirty engine oil can be dangerous. Regular oil changes are essential to maintaining the efficiency and performance of your car’s engine. 

1. Provides Corrosion Protection 

Your engine is extremely susceptible to corrosion caused by the elements. Engine oil offers a natural barrier against damage from moisture, grime, dust, and other corrosive airborne particles. But with time, your engine oil may start to deteriorate and become polluted with moisture, carbon compounds, and maybe any unburned fuel in the engine. Thus, regular oil replacement with fresh oil is necessary to maintain your engine from corroding. 

2. Prevents deterioration 

As was previously explained, the engine in your car is composed of thousands of distinct parts that are frequently moving and rubbing against one another at extremely fast rates. Without an intentional lubricant like engine oil, this can naturally cause a lot of friction and would soon wear out the engine. However, engine oil can deteriorate and lose viscosity over time, which means that over time, its ability to minimize friction is lost. 

Additionally, the more you drive, the more oil is burned off. Driving while your car’s oil isn’t at the proper amount is risky and can seriously harm the engine. Therefore, you run the risk of experiencing more wear and tear without a regular oil change. 

3. Cools engine parts. 

Your engine produces a lot of heat through friction and the combustion process, which can harm its parts if the extra heat is not dissipated in another way. By reducing friction and moving heat away from the vulnerable portions, engine oil aids in preventing overheating of your engine’s components. The risk of the engine overheating is significantly reduced if the oil is clean and sufficient. 

If you like to be more ‘hands on’ with your vehicle, please browse our extensive library of manuals for your make and model: Repair Manuals

7 Reasons Why It's Important To Get An Oil Change

7 Reasons Why It’s Important To Get An Oil Change

4. Maintains an engine free of debris 

Metal shavings may accumulate due to the constant rubbing and friction between the different parts. They can become lodged in the engine components and harm the engine if there is no engine oil. These shavings are removed from the car’s critical components with the aid of engine oil. Additionally, the oil and oil filter eliminate any dust or dirt that might enter the engine, keeping it clean and operating at its best. 

However, as they begin to accumulate in the oil at a high concentration over time, they can cause excessive wear and tear and lower the oil’s ability to keep the engine clean. This is the reason why regular oil and filter replacements are advised. 

5. Increases MPG and Lengthens Engine Life 

Oil and filth buildup inside the engine makes it work harder to generate power, consuming more fuel as a result. Proper lubrication lessens unnecessary strain on your engine, so extending its life and enhancing fuel efficiency. Routine oil changes result in more savings because you use less fuel. 

The majority of automobiles must also pass an annual emission test in various US jurisdictions in order to maintain their ability to drive. Regular oil changes help your car pass these tests since they increase fuel efficiency and reduce pollutants. Additionally, fewer emissions are advantageous for the environment. 

6. Avoid Expensive Repairs in the Future 

There is less chance of future costly repairs occurring because the engine is under less stress, the parts experience less wear and tear, and the entire setup is better protected against the elements. We frequently found that the owner had neglected to execute an oil change on time during our check for engine damage based on our years of experience in the car servicing sector. 

An oil change can be done at a very low cost and in as little as 15 minutes. This is a much better option than running the danger of seriously damaging your engine, which would require extensive repairs that would cost a lot of money and effort. If your engine blows, it will typically cost you between $3000 and $6000 to replace it, even with a used one. 

7. Boosts Resell Value 

When the time comes to sell your automobile, the resale value is likely to increase if you have kept up with periodic oil and oil filter changes. A track record of regular oil changes demonstrates that you have taken good care of your car’s engine and avoided any premature wear and tear. 

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