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How to change the oil filter and engine oil on AUDI A3


Audi is one famous luxury car that offers outstanding reliability to users. It is a Germany-based company, and it means HEAR. The four rings symbol of Audi represents the company’s assessment of with predecessor company Audi Union. So they have many great vehicles with luxury interior, and exterior looks.

Audi has long motorsport and turns out with incredible technology to revolutionize racing and sports.

However, you will have an extensive range of repair manuals regarding Audi or Audi A3. Here we will share the basic but professional procedure to change the oil filter and engine oil on Audi A3. You can get clear guidance with workshops, manual expert tips and tricks to change the oil filters and engine oil.

So here is all that you need to know about the oil filters and engine oil changes in your Audi A3.

When to change the oil filter and engine oil on Audi A3?

First, knowing the right time to change oil filters and engine oil is essential. Every vehicle has different capacities and demands according to building materials and techniques. Remember that engine oil acts as the lubricant for your Audi A3 engine. All the working or moving capacities of the Audi A3 depend on the engine. So there are a lot of moving metal parts in it. The engine oil provides smooth moving support with its lubrication capacity.

However, after running too many miles, the engine oil starts losing its lubricant property, and it’s time to replace the oil. The typical vehicle oil replacement interval is every 5000 miles, depending on the vehicle’s condition.

This interval can be shorter if your Audi A3 is old and runs too many thousand miles. For example, if your Audi A3 crosses over 100,000 miles, replace the oil filter and engine oil every 3000 miles. Ensure that you know about your engine well according to its requirements. Replace the engine oil at the right time to protect your engine efficiency and better performance.

A step-by-step guide to changing the oil filter and engine oil on Audi A3

It is a quick and straightforward process to replace the engine oil and oil filter when you have the right accessories. Read the below-mentioned guide carefully and follow every step. It helps you understand the procedure and change the engine oil like a professional.

The material requires for changing engine oil and oil filter.

·         Drain pan

·         Jack

·         Jack stands

·         Wrench

·         Oil filter wrench

·         Oil filter

·         Engine oil


Raise the car

Open your Audi A3 hood and remove its oil cap. It will help assist the system and let it drain smoother for better efficiency. Ensure you raise the front of your Audi A3 with a jack and secure it at a place with jack stands.

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Drain engine oil

Now your car is set for draining the old engine oil. Go under the vehicle for a better clear view. Using an old pan to catch the oil, slide it under the drain plug under the car.
Loosen the drain bolt slowly with the wrench. It starts draining the oil quickly, so let it remove. When you feel the draining is slow compared to the starting point, draw the bolt ultimately. Please wait until it removes all the oil into the oil pan that you put under the drain plug.


Replace oil filter

The oil filter is at the bottom of the Audi A3 and the front of the engine. You can quickly notice it when you are under the car. Take a wrench and remove the oil filter. Ensure that you take the adjustable wrench. It helps you to install the new oil filter quickly. Rub some oil on the filter’s rubber seal and install it carefully. Close the drain bolt tightly to secure the oil.

Step 4:

Refill engine with oil

Ensure that the drain bolt closes well and adequately seals. Refill the oil in the engine through a filler hole. The filler holes have the correct dimensions to avoid any hassle. The Audi A3 engine requires 4.5 quarts of oil to fill. Check the oil level by using a dipstick and assess its position. If you feel the excess oil, drain it through the drain plug or add it if the level is low.
Now close the engine filler hole and recheck the closing points. Close the Audi A3 hood and remove jacks or jack stands for lowering its front at the surface.

Essential tips and tricks

Here we will share some essential tips and tricks that help you change the oil filter and engine oil on Audi A3. Vehicles need excellent work to protect their spare parts and your protection.
Changing oil is simple, but it also needs some pre-request steps. So here we will share some tips that you should follow.
· Cool the jet properly before starting the process. Hot oil will flow freely and can cause severe burns.
· Drain pain helps flow the oil and prevent its free flow on the ground. It will store everything and ensure safety. it reduces the chances of oil spilling on you.
· Removing an oil filter is a fundamental task if your hands are oily. Find the right option to remove the oil filter, like a claw or chain wrench. You can also use the three jaws adjustable end cap wrench to remove the oil filter in Audi A3.
· Properly grease the filter seal, as the dry seal will have loose fittings. It will directly dump your engine life to zero.
· Re-install the plug with the engine when you fill the oil.
· Don’t add the oil above its level, as it will spare your vehicle’s engine condition.
So keep all these essential points in mind and follow the oil-changing steps carefully.