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How To Repair A BMW Front Bumper

Do you also struggle to repair the BMW front bumper? We expect to reverse the car in a hurry and fail to check the blind spots. It results in dents, breakage of plastic covers, and many more. If a vehicle meets the sharp edges of a parking barrier, it can quickly break or bend.

BMW is one of the luxury vehicles that originated in 1916 in Germany. They found many car lines and became the top brand. There is a wide range of BMW vehicles, including BMW E38, BMW classic cars, BMW 7 series, and many others.

In addition, they have expensive spare parts like bumpers, instrumental central, and many more. Here the workshop manual shares a compelling guide to repair your BMW front bumper like a professional.

When it’s essential to repair front bumper, then replacement?

Sometimes it’s mandatory to replace the front barrier with a new one. But some damages are so minor that you can repair and save on replacement costs.

Workshop repair manuals download

According to the workshop manuals guide, here are some tips that will help you know when you can repair the BMW front bumper.

  • You can repair the paint of your front bumper for enhancing its look
  • Repair the minor dents
  • Repair the small dentures or damages through sanding

These are the quick assessments that you can use to notice and repair your BMW front barrier.

Step by step guide to repair

Step 1:

Assess the damage

Assess the damage of the BMW front bumper properly to choose the proper repair process. For example, you can weld the plastic for repair. It will affect the structural shape of your front bumper. Therefore it’s better to assess the damage properly and mark the flaws for better repair.

Moreover, ensure that you choose the proper repair process according to the plastic-type. The adhesive is only possible for certain parts. So if your plastic is compatible with adhesiveness, then it is unnecessary to use the adhesion promoter.

Step 2:


Cleaning the BMW front bumper repair surface is an essential step. Now blow the front bumper surface with an air gun,  soap, and water to remove the grease.

Step 3:

Edge sanding

Sand the edges with P150 or P220 sandpaper. Take a sanding sponge and prepare the plastic putty. Ensure that it remains and is not on the surface. Blow it with the air gun.

Workshop repair manuals download

Step 4:

Apply the adhesion promoter and plastic putty

Cover all the bare areas of BMW front bumper with an adhesive promoter. It helps to enhance the putty adhesion capacity on the bumper surface.

Now add the plastic putty-like SINNEKs PP. This type of putty provides an excellent filling for scratches and offers a smooth finish.

Step 5:

Sanding the putty

Sand the remaining plastic putty for attaining the even surface. It helps to repair all the partial damages. Clean the surface thoroughly after sanding the putty.

Now again, apply the adhesion promoter if the plastic surface of BMW’s front bumper is incompatible with different filler applications. Therefore, the adhesion promoter fastens the drying process and results in better repair.

Step 6:

Apply the primer

Now apply the primer before placing the final coating of paint. You can apply the primer according to the damage. If the damage is too extensive, spray the filler and optimize the repairing process. Otherwise, use the UGHS filler to get good results after sanding or drying.

Once the applied filler is dry, sand the surface. Again degrease the whole BMW front bumper thoroughly.

Step 7:

Apply the finished paint

Apply the final paint according to the color selection. Ensure that you follow the technical specification of your color and let it set on a suitable temperature and humidity.

Ensure that you follow these steps carefully for repairing your BMW front bumper. Therefore, remember that results depend on your initial assessment and process selection. 

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