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How To Repair Mercedes Instrument Cluster

Workshop repair manuals download

Mercedes is a German-based vehicle brand with luxury automotive options that entered the market in 1972. They have many luxury and commercial vehicles, including Mercedes-Benz AG and many more.

Commonly, luxury vehicles like Mercedes face these issues, and we need to repair them. So workshop repair manuals bring a compelling guide for repairing it.

The instrument cluster is the primary part of Mercedes, so it’s better to repair the original cluster panel instead of replacing it. The repairing cluster will not demand its coding with the vehicle. So you will have the correct odometer reading even after repairing and working well.

Here we will share the step-by-step guide to repair the Mercedes instrument cluster that you can follow and work like a professional.

Step by step guide to repairing Mercedes instrument cluster

The Mercedes instrument cluster has several components that need to be accurate. Repairing the instrument cluster demands time to pull it out and fix it. It is an easy process that you can do with the proper guides.

Workshop repair manuals download

So follow the below-mentioned steps for repairing your Mercedes instrument cluster. The workshop manuals for Mercedes make it easy to fix the instrument cluster like a professional service provider.

Step 1: Disconnect power from Mercedes instrument cluster

Disconnect your battery from the instrument cluster. Pull off the negative cable from the battery and break the connection. Remember that vehicle batteries continuously supply 12 v power to your car instrument cluster. So if you pull the cluster out with a battery connection, it will burn the circuit.

Step 2: Remove Kick Panel

Remove the driver-side kick panel by eliminating the screws from the right side. Remove every metal screw and let the panel rest on the ground.

Step 3: Remove the cluster

The cluster didn’t have any fasteners or screws. It is held by tension under the dashboard. Reach to tension, and feel the edges. If you feel any wires or insulating materials, then be careful. Reach to the back of the cluster and push it towards the steering wheel. Once it comes out of position, you can pull it from the upper edges.

Workshop repair manuals download

Step 4: Pull it out completely

When you pull the cluster, you start feeling the tension of the speedometer cable. It is the central cable of the cluster room attached with screws. Loosen the screws with a hand unscrew to free the cluster.

Now start removing the connections from the right side. First, disconnect the light bulbs. Then unplug the spade connector to remove the power supply cable of the clock. Unplug all the small plugs near the cluster’s centre and draw the oil line from the gauge.